We are committed to making interior products that are beautiful and durable, made of strong and dense hardwood. Wood products can be affected by their environment. Things like heat, cold, humidity and sunlight can lead to movement, cracking, discolouration or deformation. Some of this is expected as wood is a natural product full of irregularities and imperfections which is part of what makes it beautiful. However with the right care, a product made from wood can last a lifetime. Keep your products in top condition by following these simple tips.

• Keep your wooden products away from direct or excessive exposure to humidity, liquids, heat, and sunlight.

• Excessive friction and contact with oily substances may cause colour changes.

• Use a soft, lightly damped cloth to clean stains or dirt. Use a dry dusting cloth to clean dust.

• When not in use, store items in an airy, dry place.

• TEAK OIL is a custom oil for the treatment and maintenance of oil-treated eucalyptus surfaces such as teak, rosewood, and mahogany. The oil emphasizes the natural color and texture of the wood while protecting it against drying.

Instructions: Apply in a thin layer with a soft cloth and wipe excess oil off after 2 hours.

• LINSEED OIL is a vegetable oil for the treatment and maintenance of all solid wood. The oil leaves a 100% biological surface and underlines the original natural structure of the wood. Provides the surface with a beautiful, long-lasting, and resistant surface, protecting against dirt, moisture, and drying out. Lighter woods will attain a light yellow color.

Instructions: Apply generously with a cloth or brush and wipe off excess oil after 1 hour. New or dried-up wood requires repeated treatment; however, the oil must be left to harden for at least 24 hours between each application.